Monday, March 5, 2007

Intarnational Whitehat convention EXPOSED!

Inside teh whitehat conspearacy!

Bush takes off white hat to infiltrate projekt Mayhem

ut ohs, I dun want mommie to see me on teh computor again I'm supposed to be doing hooked on phonix.

Bush recruits Kofi Ah-nah-nah-nah-nah-nah-nan to sekret white hat krew, they decide to do nothing about skiddie flame warz in Dafur because they have no 0days they could sell to symantec

"Ahz dont knows nuthin bout no computaz but I show does looks good in this here hat, Now where's that fried chicken y'alls was talkin bout? and what the hells is a sam-man-tek?"

Jacques "t3h Hak" Chirac launches evil plan to rootkit teh whitehats

"OMGz Bush is such teh n00b, he still thinks XXSaddamXX has 0days!, watch this here comes teh lollercopter."

Tony Blair: "Dun t3llz NE1 I am teh n00bz0r, How do3s I k0mpi13 this?" He asks.

Putin AV detects Backdoor.Draft.War.In.Iraq Virus

He wants to LOL but he has ordered those keys removed.

European Union complains "It no works on teh makantoosh"

Japan wanting to get shoutz in iraq defacement pwn@g3 gets 0wn3d!
"OMGz this is teh best screen saver evar!"

Bush poses with new hat for myspace profile

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